Steve Dell Woodturning

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Sycamore flames 12 x 7 V875Wych Elm 13 x 7 V794Mulberry 12 x 7 V774Plum 13 x 7 V803Spalted Beech doughnut bud vase 6 x 2 V810Wych Elm 17 x 7 V 764
This is from a tree in our own garden that died last year of the dreaded Dutch elm disease, some really wild and attractive grain.
Wych Elm  16 x 7 V796Mulberry 15 x 7 V775
To see how this vase was made go to the Log to Vase Page.Sycamore 9 x 5 V876Mulberry  11 x 6   V745Wych Elm 14 x 6 V878Mulberry 12 x 8 V887Spalted Beech 12x3 V912

Sycamore teardrops 10x6 V913Sycamore with Walnut lid & base V824Chestnut Burr with Sycamore lid V886Chestnut log with glass vass 14 x 12 V926Sycamore carved & painted 10 x 7 V888Wych Elm 10x9 V889Olive Ash & Sycamore lid V923Holm Oak & Sycamore lid 7x7 V925Sycamore carved & pyrographed leaves 8x6 V930Spalted Beech & black Sycamore lid V922Wych Elm & Sycamore lid 12x7 V924
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Care of your Wooden Bowl or Vase
The care and handling of a wooden bowl or vase should be the same as that for all quality wooden furniture. Take some precaution as to the humidity in the air and avoid direct sunlight for extended periods. A dry environment can cause cracking so keep them away from woodstoves and radiators and try to avoid any drastic climate changes. Avoid the use of spray furniture polishes and other cleaning products.  The nice shine of the piece may also be dulled by contact with water. Once dulled, it cannot easily be returned to the shine it had when you first received it. As with all wooden furniture it may darken over time, though this may be reduced to some degree by keeping it out of direct sunlight. 
The finish used on most of the pieces I make is three coats of Danish oil, each of which is allowed to dry overnight and then buffed on high speed wheels using three different compounds (Tripoli, White Diamond and finally a microcrystalline wax). With the coloured pieces, either spirit stain or acrylic paints have been used followed by several coats of clear acrylic lacquer for durability. Both of these finishes should be cared for in the same way, if you do need to use a wax I would recommend the microcrystalline  of which I am aware of two brands, Renaissance and Chestnut, both of which are excellent and available from most good outlets. However, all that should be needed to maintain the finish is a light buff with a soft dry cloth.

Turning wood into art
Sycamore spiral & Walnut lid 11x6 V929