Steve Dell Woodturning

A while back I was contacted by one of the Tree Surgeons at Down to Earth Tree services in Shoreham Kent. He had just completed a contract in Lincoln's Inn in London and had to fell a Cherry tree with several reasonable sized burrs on it. After much deliberation as to the best way to cut them we finished up with a total of four good blanks three burrs  and one that would be plain.

Below is a short sequence of pictures that I hope will give an insight into the process of turning some rather uninteresting looking burrs into what I hope you agree are four rather nice bowls.

All three of the burr bowls have now been retained by the people at Linclon's Inn.

Best viewed as a slide show-
To see a much larger and clearer image with a brief explanation for each click on the first picture,
then next at the top of each picture which will take you through the sequence.

This is the tree just after it had been felled with the burrs still attached.The two smaller burrs and the plain blankThe largest of the burrs.The underside of the larger burr.Faceplate attached  ready to go onto the lathe.The first few cuts.Outside of the larger burr completed.Bowl now reversed and a start made on the inside.Inside completed.The largest of the burrs completed.The spigot in the centre will be used to hold the bowl on the lathe when it's returned after drying.The log that the plain bowl came from.December 2012. First turning of all four bowls completed. will now have to be left to dry before being returned and then finished.August 2013, now dry and ready to be returned.The largest burr back on the lathe for returning sanding and finishing, the spigot will now also be removed.Burr 1 finished. 12" x 4"  B867Burr 2 finished. 10" x 4" B868Burr 3 finished. 8" x 4" B869The plain bowl finished.
9" x 4"  B870All four together.
From Log to Bowl