Steve Dell Woodturning
Probably the greatest satisfaction of turning wood is in finding the spectacular beauty that nature has created as I work on each new piece. 
Wood is not like other mediums such as glass or ceramics, where identical copies can be made, each piece of wood is totally unique with its colour, grain and growth patterns, even two pieces from the same tree will be very different.
There is nothing quite like having something made from wood. It feels good in your hand, smells great in your house and looks fantastic.
It’s also the ultimate recycled product, made from a tree that has in its life absorbed tons of carbon dioxide gas and then returned much of the oxygen we breathe back to our planet. How can wood not have a major part in our Lives?
I can vouch for all of my wood which comes direct from local tree surgeons in Kent and the South East of England.

Woodturning into Art

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a commission this can be done via the
contact page or give me call on 01843 843368

Mulberry  9x12